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Leadership Strategies for School Success Part 2 - Create and Sustain a Learning Community in Your School

Date(s) 26/4/2006

Centre for Educational Leadership, McGill University
Presenter(s) John Cyr and Diane Fyfe have over 70 years combined experience in education. The synergy of their different personal and professional styles produces a powerful experience that is highly praised by participants in their sessions. Each has been a teacher, principal, director and Director General and so truly understands the challenges faced by school leaders.

Description Today’s schools are places where everyone is engaged in learning. They develop community of learners where the staff always strives to achieve the vision, mission, goals and values of the school in the most effective ways. Everyone knows what counts in this school. How does it happen?

This seminar will give you some insights and strategies to create and sustain a culture of a community of learners in your school.
Learn how:
• to make your school mission, vision and goals come alive!
• to involve all your partners; students, staff, parents and governing board
• to generate professional dialogue with your teachers
• to add value to the legal framework e.g. I.E.P.

Audience School Principals
Fee $195 Part 1 / $275 Part 1 & 2

Contact name Catherine Hughes
Phone 514-398-6961 Fax 514-398-4529

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