Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NANS: evaluating the 5 years of the strategy / SIAA rende-compte: Journée avec Janosz

Wow... what a mind boggling day! We are in the midst of a three day meeting for NANS, and the ADMD, DR, CIMD, and Evaluation team are all on hand! We've got Michel Janosz with us (funny, I recently met with Doug McCall from Canadian Association for School Health and he was mentioning him...) today and tomorrow, and it has been fascinating examining what has taken place, and what is yet to come...... All sorts of big (as in, evaluation of a province wide strategy that is being implemented in TWO different linguistic sectors... ah, good times) evaluation questions are percolating. Should be a busy day tomorrow!

ADMD: Agent de développent en milieu défavorisé
DR: Direction Régional
CIMD: Comité d'intervention en milieu défavorisé
Milieu défavorisé: Disadvantaged areas


Scott Gibson said...

Hi Holly,

Glad to see your blog on school success. I have recently gotten very involved with my local schools and gotten very interested in how educational systems around the world are working. In the U.S. I see lots of money getting spent in some locations with very poor results. I also see average spending getting outstanding results in some locations. Same thing from country to country. See some charts I created at: http://www.supportingevidence.com/Education/Education_landing.html.

On one chart (http://www.supportingevidence.com/Education/PISA_Test_scores_vs_cum_edu_spend_by_country.html) you can see that Canada spends considerably less than the U.S. to educate it's students up to age 15, but gets considerably better test scores. Great job!

I'm thinking we in the U.S. could learn something from our northern neighbor.

Thanks for helping kids get the best educations they can.

Scott Gibson
'worth a thousand words'

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