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Resources from CLLRN on Literacy and families, schools and communities

CLLRN Research resources on families, schools and communities

CLLRN stands for the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network . Hosted by The University of Western Ontario, and considered to be part of the Network of Centres of Excellence. This means that they
meet funding criteria based on research excellence, the development of world-class researchers, the creation of research partnerships, and the application of research to foster economic and social development.
It is:
a non-profit organization with a mandate to improve and sustain language and literacy development for children in Canada by generating, integrating and disseminating bias-free scientific research and knowledge.
This is what I love to hear... the dissemination of bias-free scientific research? Oh happy day! Of note, their website provides information particularly relevant to researchers interested in literacy, and there appears to be a heavy focus on early literacy. The site into five main areas, and contains relevant information for administrators, teachers and parents, from job postings to literacy resources.

When visiting the site, I felt a bit of information overload - there is so much interesting stuff, that I want to look at it all! It is hard to hone in on what is particularly relevent to your needs, as there is so much that could be useful. So, how do you narrow it down? My recommendation is to take a look at the navigation menus, and give yourself ample time to explore.

I was especially drawn to the Resources section.
This focus area catalogues online publications, proceedings and links to available resources from our partners. Practitioners, policy makers and media have access to a searchable guide of experts, who are qualified to comment on various language and literacy topics.
Another area of interest is the Research section. The network truly focuses on making research findings useful to its audience. The section has areas that are particularly relevant for those that need to communicate research findings to a broader audience. Downloadable Communication Briefs are simple and to the point, and quite useful. The research is divided into five main themes, though you need to scroll down to fully reveal each of the themes on the sidebar at left. It is not obvious at first glance that the five themes are present on the page.

CLLRN Resources section

CLLRN Research section - scroll down to see the five areas

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