Saturday, July 01, 2006

Interesting book for those interested in community learning centres Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities: Lifelong learning and local government: Books: Norman Longworth:

"The cities in which we live are dynamic, exciting places that are set to evolve more rapidly than ever in the immediate future. In response to this need for change, the movement for the development of Learning Cities, Towns and Regions is already in full swing. Across Europe in particular, governments are increasingly coming to recognize that such communities, and the opportunities they create, can hold the key to a brighter future for their citizens.
This book explores the mental and social landscape of the city of today and tomorrow; the way in which people think, interact, work together, learn and live with and among each other. Learning Cities, Learning Regions, Learning Communities has been written to address the urgent need for a guide to the principles and practices of lifelong learning for everyone working in the area - in the cities, towns and regions of every country. The topics covered include:
· An introduction to the idea of Learning Cities
· Policies and strategies for the Learning City, including examples form around the world.
· How to activate learning, involve stakeholders and encourage citizen participation in a Learning City or Region.

Written by one of the world's foremost thinkers in the field, this book is nonetheless highly readable and therefore easily accessible to anyone who wishes to understand the issues addressed. Workers in local, regional and national government, academics and students of lifelong learning, in addition to anyone with an interest in the future cities and communities will find this a truly invaluable resource and guide to a way of thinking that many see as the way to a better tomorrow.

About the Author
Norman Longworth has worked in schools, industry, universities and professional associations. A former President of the European Lifelong Learning Ini"

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